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Black And White Conversion In Camera Raw

About this week’s episode:

Hi guys and welcome back. In today’s video tutorial I will show you how I created a quick black and white conversion on a standard beauty portrait and how to create a quick preset out of my adjustments. Starting with a basic image, right out of the camera. Using the Hls/grayscale sliders to convert it to black & white and going over to the basic adjustment sliders. Then we’ll work on the contrast and push the image with a small trick. When I’m done with all adjustments and conversions, I’ll set up a preset from our adjustments. Now you are able to load all your images from the shoot and convert them to black and white with one click by using the preset. If need be, you are still able to tweak them individually.

Please view Part 1 & Part 2 of CAMERA RAW if you do not have a full understanding of how Camera raw works.

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