Retutpro Support


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Viewing your Pro Tutorial

Our Pro Tutorials include all video lessons. If you have trouble playing your tutorials, we have found that VLC Media Player  is the best video player and it works on all platforms. It is  a free download for Mac, Windows and linux.

Viewing on your IOS Device

Incase the lessons don’t play on your ios device, simple use these two softwares to reconvert the video lessons!

Downloading the Tutorials

Should you have trouble downloading the tutorials, simply quit, refresh and download again. Our Amazon S3 server is reachable 24/7 and is working amazingly fast! Should you still require any assistance don’t hesitate to send us an email to .

Unzipping Pro Products

Once you have completed the download, simply double click on the zip folder, this should automatically unzip your folder and you should be able to see the complete package which contains all source files, video lessons, action scripts, textures, brushes and an extra support group! You should be good to go via a click of a button!

Included Materials

  • Source Files – All Pro products included every single raw image and the tailored psd file. You can also find more information about what is included in your  pro product under the description tab.
  • HD Video Lessons – All Pro products included all the recorded lessons, including the photography & light setup part.
  • Textures Files – If your tutorial includes textures you will see an extra folder with all textures. These texture files all come as normal .jpeg files. These are all copyright free, which means you can use them for your commercial use!
  • Actions Files- If your tutorial includes actions scripts you will see an extra folder called Actions. These files have the extension .ATN – To load these actions into photoshop, simply double click on the .ATN file, and it will open photoshop and load the actions. You may access them by going to Window / Action Palet. Incase they are not loading please take a look at our action installation instructions.
  • Brushes Sets – If your tutorial includes brushes, you will see an extra folder called brushes. These files have the extension .ABR. To load these brushes into photoshop, simply double click on the .ABR file, and it will open photoshop and load the brushes. You may access them by going to Window/ Brush Presets. They will be at the end of the preset list.
  • Support Folder – All Pro Products include a Support folder, in which you can find tailored instructions for the pro package!