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Ink Water Textures


Pro Texture Objectives 

  • 200 High-Quality Files
  • Commercial Use Allowed
  • +21 Mega Pixel
  • 4032 X 6048
  • 300 dpi
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Product Overview

Our Ink Water Texture package is filled with over 200 high-quality texture files. You can use these images to add a different dimension and layer of creativity to your images. Whether you want to take a more creative approach to your image, or add a little more appeal to your image, our Ink Water Textures would definitely meet those needs! You can easily add these textures to your images via changing the blending option to ‘Screen’ in photoshop!

* Royalty Free *

We’ve also made all of these texture images royalty free. This means once you have purchased the package you may use them for any practice, personal or commercial work!


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In order to have a complete overview of what type of textures this package holds, please scroll down as there are a few more samples down below!

About This Tutorial

Working with textures shouldn’t be too intimidating, as it is very straightforward! In the tutorial above, we take two textures form our Pro Texture gallery and work them into our image! Firstly, we will be applying one texture image to the background. We then take our second texture image and apply it to the subject’s suite to create a funky pattern! In case you wanted to learn a bit about preparing your texture before using it, you might want to check out our other tutorial ‘Preparing Texture In Photoshop’. *Please scroll down in order to see more details about the textures*

Quick Package Overview
More Textures In Our Package + 200 Texture Files

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  • 2 GB

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Ink Water Textures


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