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Rooftop Freedom

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Pro Tutorial Objectives


  • Advanced Manipulations
  • Turning Day Into Night
  • Combine Two Images
  • Creating a Color Mode
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Product Overview

This advanced manipulation tutorial- Rooftop Freedom, shows our complete workflow from start to finish. We will start out with the idea & complete shooting process. After that, we will cover seven sections of pure retouching in Adobe Photoshop CS6. Which contain working with camera raw, basic & advanced deep edging techniques. We’re also covering how to work with different adjustment layers, mask, complex manipulations, plugins, color grades, Light effects and dodge & burn techniques.



Included in your Pro Tutorial – 2.5 Hours Step by Step guide

  • Section 1 – Photography & Light Setup
  • Section 2 – Preparations & Raw Conversions
  • Section 3 – Basic Retouching (Base Plate Build up)
  • Section 4 – Refine Cutouts & Light Control
  • Section 5 – Advanced Retouching
  • Section 6 – Dodge & Burn
  • Section 7 – Final Touch & Corrections

Included working files

  • Raw File
  • PSD File



Photography & Light Setup

In our first section, we’re discussing all thoughts behind the project. First we will briefly talk about the daytime image & process. Then continuing with the nighttime image & process. We will also go through all camera settings and talk about all adjustments that we have made along the way.

1.1 - Light SetupRooftop Freedom Light Setup copy

Preparations & Raw Conversions

In this section, we will start out with the basic raw conversions. Taking our images from raw to a Photoshop file. We will then apply a help layer or reference layer for later corrections. Building the base plate involves stitching together two images. (Daytime & Nighttime Image)


Basic Retouching

In our next section we will concentrate on the perspective and positioning. We will also build our base plate, in order to create an even exposure throughout the image (turning day into night). For this process we will be using various techniques.

  • Adjustment layer (Correcting Tones & Exposure)
  • Turn day into night
  • Normal Layer Masking
  • Simple merging of the background
  • Deep edging half of the model


Refine Cut-outs & Light Control

In this section our goal is to refine all cut-outs. First we will be placing in the background and merging it in perfectly. After that we will focus on the model and the sky. For this process we will be using various techniques again.

  • Curves adjustment layers
  • Complex Layer Masking
  • Merging in the background completely
  • Deep edging the model completely


Advanced Retouching

In our advanced retouching section, our aim is to clean-up our image and to create a new light feel. For this process we will be working with some adjustment layers and brush techniques. We’re also going to apply some more sharpening techniques.

  • Building & Controlling Light
  • Skin Retouching & Cleaning
  • Sharpness & Details
  • Healing & Cloning


Dodge & Burn

In this section we will be working with two grey layers. One on a soft blending mode and one on an overlay blending mode, in order to structure the light even better. This will also give you an awesome pop & texture result.

(It’s easily overdone, so bare in mind to reduce the opacity of the complete group!)


Final Touches & Corrections

In the last section, we will be concentrating on our last 20%. Applying the final color grade, skin tones, checking sharpness & noise and correcting all outstanding points.


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1 review for Rooftop Freedom

  • Kyle Edwards
    5 out of 5

    This course does a good job in showing you how to change backgrounds and make it look authentic; blending it in, in terms of fading with other background elements that you’re keeping, dealing with that tell-tale outline around the foreground that screams “Photoshop”, and how to balance the colours, tones and positioning so that everything looks like it belonged there from the start.

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Rooftop Freedom


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