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Access our premium subscription area and get instant access to all our existing, latest & monthly new added Photoshop FilesBackgrounds, Shapes, Fonts, BrushesRaw files & Special Website Links.


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Product Overview

We’ve built a package with an epic range of backgrounds, Shapes, Fonts, Secret Links, Actions, Brushes & Photoshop Resources and combined them with a number of tutorials to create an ever-growing collection of items to learn from and put to use in your own projects.

The Media Package we’ve created and put together come from a wealth of design knowledge and skills. We’ve applied this to our own work to create comprehensive lessons in a constantly expanding library to learn from and that could add great value to your own work and projects.

What do I get as a Premium Member?

The value of the subscription area is always increasing as new resources are added to the library. Photoshop files, backgrounds, shapes, fonts, brushes, raw files including special website links, are added with every new month and the Premium Category is already full of top quality products. Let’s take a look at some of the merchandise you can get your hands on today:

50+ Photoshop Resources

  • Our Premium / Photoshop Files are streamlined to help you learn faster and instantly have access to a finished design. In order to create your own artworks without needing to start a layout from scratch!

  • (PLEASE NOTE: You can watch all of these tutorials for free on Youtube. We have not added a download package for the Video tutorials in the premium package. Making your download package smaller & giving you the choice to download only your needed files. Find all free tutorials in the link provided: Photoshop Design Tutorials By Tronix.)

 55+ Backgrounds

  • Backgrounds are a crucial resource to add realism to your designs. All the backgrounds & textures in the Premium section are high resolution, which makes them perfectly usable in both your designs and logo process.

200+ Photoshop Brush

  • Brushes are uniquely modified brush tips, which are often used to create amazing design strokes or stamps that can be applied with the click of a button. They’re great for instantly enhancing your designs with cool styles and looks.

 300+ Photoshop Shapes

  • Premium members have the ability to access and download our complete shape library from all the free Photoshop design tutorials. Practice with our shapes sets and get instant results on your designs or easily replicate our shapes for your logo design.

10+ Secrets Web Links

    Premium members have the ability to access our list of secret / hidden web links. Website links that help you and your designs to benefit instantly without paying and extra buck. Thes links showcase the best Font libraries, free High-quality background libraries and many epic links that every designer should know of or have bookmarked.

How much does it cost?

Access to Premium membership is $4.99 (USD) per month, but it’s up to you how long you want to stick around. Give the membership a try for just one month or keep your subscription active to benefit from the latest photoshop files, backgrounds, shapes, fonts, brushes, raw files & special website links as they’re continuously added. Each Premium resource usually costs more than a whole month’s membership, so you should find it easy to get your money’s worth! (Please Note: Once you have subscribed to a monthly subscription, only you can cancel your PayPal billings.)

Can I use the resources in my designs?

All our Photoshop files, backgrounds, shapes, fonts, brushes & raw files resources are available to members, are licensed to allow usage in personal and commercial projects, but not directly resold or redistributed. However, these resources are sourced from so it is advised that you contact the company behind each item for specific uses.

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Tronix Monthly Subscription

$4.99 / month