Client Testimonials

I have worked with Photoshop before, but still had a few struggles with it! Then I found the Retutpro Tutorials and what a jammed packed photoshop day with the master Manni, thank you so much your tutorials, they took me to the next level! I highly recommend the Pro Tutorials.

If you are a beginner or just want to “brush” up on your photoshop skill and “dodge” those expensive sites that will “burn” a whole in your wallet. Then pick up your “lasso” and make a “quick selection” of all the wonderful tutorials this page has to offer. You will not be disappointed. Keep on rocking Retutpro!

I know Manni now for many Years and you can trust me. He’s a very good artist with a great knowledge in retouching. If you are a beginner or even advanced Photoshopper, this is a great place to learn and to get faster / better in retouching and photography.

Superb value for the price! Content is brilliant, many great techniques and tips! Also, I’ve had all 4 of my questions answered within 24 hours. Very pleased! Next course please…

Great courses, loaded with lots of Tips & Techniques – A long but really good course on working with Photoshop to improve your pictures. Manni is very knowledgeable and easy to listen to. Well worth the time.

Thank you so much for these great pro tutorials! It’s very easy to follow and reveals great techniques! Highly recommend :)

Great Course! Thanks a lot for your extremely helpful pro tutorials! Your skills are great and the tutorials are really helpful. Thumbs up for your videos and thanks for the course materials in all pro tutorials you have uploaded for us! They are a huge help!

I have been looking for good tutorials on the web to improve my skills! I found Retutpro’s Tutorials and one word… WOW… okay folks, I’m guessing a stack of you are big fans of Manni’s free youtube tutorials… which are as we know: legen— wait for it– dary… But, I just enrolled in a couple Pro Tutorials.. and, well… mind blown… even better!I absolutely recommend them to anyone!

I am new to Photoshop and have heard a lot of good things about what photoshop can do. So I was very curious about it and decided to try it out. For my first time of opening it, I was very confused. I searched alot of tutorials tips and tricks about it  on the web and of course YouTube and then I found the Retutpro site. It helped me a lot to work with Photoshop and definitely improved my Photoshop workflow. Thank you for making awesome tutorials .Please continue making them.

A must for photoshop users & extras that want to learn more! Excellent tutorials for photoshop users, mostly related to photography and a little help on lightroom, bridge and setting up photography . Some very good and professional tips and tricks along the way.Manni is a very good teacher and well spoken, the tutorial was very enjoyable! Thank you, I’m looking forward to the Pro Tutorials.

I have worked with Photoshop for a while and these are the best pro tutorials on the web!!!  This tutorial covers so much material. It is well presented and is easy to follow. I really enjoy the pacing of Manni’s tutorials, and he’s able to cover essential Photoshop tools without being boring or repetitive. I am going into the tutorial as a beginner/intermediate with some experience experimenting with Photoshop, and each tutorial has given me many new tips and tricks to work with. Thank you Retutpro!

I am Mexican and most of the tutorials out there are in english. But the way Retutpro and Manni explain it is great! Even that I am mexican, I understood everything and it improved my skills to the next step! Thanks so much, this is a very good tutorial.

Thank you, this is a really great tutorial. Wow this pro tutorial really helped me, take my beauty retouching to another level. I’ve learned so many new techniques and small tricks to speed up my workflow and getting the perfect skin in just a few simple steps. I can honestly say, this might be one of the best skin retouching techniques that I’ve seen so far. What I really love about this course, is the fact that it comes with the original photoshop file. Which makes it super easy to follow and understand.

Great Pro Tutorials,
I really recommend these pro tutorials. Love it!

Old Schooler loving the Pro Tutorials! This photoshop Pro Tutorial is helping me to understand more fully what I’m learning in school. I’m much older than my classmates who are very young and familiar with PS and they whiz right through it. Not me! So very thankful to have found these Pro Tutorials! It is great that I can download all the tutorials offline to view whenever and wherever. Thanks again!

These are the best!!! Before I bought these tutorials, I watched some videos and I thought these are the best videos that I could find on the web. He explains really good and in a simple way how to do things! I am studying photo designing and graphic designing right now and this tutorial is just perfect for those who want to learn a lot about Photoshop!! Thank you so much Manni for offering these tutorials :D

Your Pro tutorials are just perfect and I found them very helpful, so far I have tried many different Photoshop tutorials, but your tutorials are simply the best photoshop tutorials.

Awesome, complete summary of Ps skills, Manni’s description is really clear and excellent. Love your tutorials!

Thank you, I love portrait photography and this is a fabulous set of tutorials. This is really worth buying.

Great tutorials and very content rich. The step by step approach was fantastic, loved them all. Highly recommend. Thank you Manni

Best photoshop tutorials ever, I gained more knowledge here about editing photos than anywhere else! Thanks awesome tutorials!

Thank you, I’ve been struggling to learn Lightroom for a while. With this tutorial I was finally able to navigate, and effectively, use Lightroom.

Really Good! If you are like me, and have been using Photoshop a little, but never really got the hang of it – these tutorials are the way to go! It will give you all the fundamentals from scratch to be able to do amazing things with pictures, and Manni will help you do so, every step of the way.

Photoshop Pro Tutorials. I just discovered these tutorials from Manni and have gone through about 4 of the many courses he offers… Great stuff, easy to follow, to the point and I can always go back on it if I didn’t catch all. Love your tutorials. Thank you Retutpro!

Great way to learn a very powerful tool! Manfred is fantastic a presenting small parts of Photoshop in clear, easy to understand methods. I had never used Photoshop, and was very overwhelmed by all the options and capabilities. These free tutorials give a very good idea of many of the popular tools/features.

Very well done !! If you intend to start  learning photoshop, this Pro Tutorial is mandatory. Manfred has prepared a thorough and well presented curriculum. I am not an experienced photoshop user so I found the material to be extremely worthwhile. I learned so much from the very first step. Even experienced users will find tips and hidden features. I enrolled in several tutorials online and this has been the best by far. I highly recommend it.

Best Photoshop Pro Tutorial. This is the best Photoshop Pro Tutorial I could find. I have been looking for a good Photoshop tutorial online for a while, watched hours of videos on youtube and checked out a course on educator, but this is definitely the best one I’ve found. Although the unique techniques might not all be useful for me just watching the way that Mr. Werner works in Photoshop helps me a lot. The shortcuts and such that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Thank you!

These are the best!!! Before I bought these tutorials, I watched some Videos and I thought these are the best videos that I could find on the web. He explains really good and in a simple way how to do things! I am studying photo designing and graphic designing right now and this tutorial is just perfect for those who want to learn a lot about Photoshop!! Thank you so much Manni for offering these tutorials :D

Beauty Retouching in Photoshop really enjoyed this pro tutorial. Manni explains things very well and I was able to review each step and work along side him. I would rated this course at 5/5 and would highly recommend it.

The most perfect online free beginners Adobe Photoshop tutorials

Manfred Werner or “Manni” provides an excellent, clear and concise tutorial presented in a logical yet systematic flow which allows anyone to feel comfortable using Photoshop in no time at all.

Manni’s friendly manner means you feel like one of your friends is showing you how to use the program with straight to the point information without any hassle or nonsense. All in all I would personally recommend this course to any of my friends.

It is difficult for me to pinpoint any cons or faults with these tutorials, the only one that springs to mind is that it would be useful if copies of sample images were provided among the free tutorials so that users/students can literally follow along with Manni.

Great Guy! Clear instructions, nice pace to learn at. Well done Manni, really enjoy this approach and it’s interesting to anyone connected or using photoshop. Highly recommend this Tutorial.

Good work. It really helped me understand the basics and advanced techniques. But what I found really impressive, is that you show all the little extra features that are always so hidden. Not only do I have a full understanding of Photoshop now, but also more confidence to get more out of my workflow and work. Thank you, will be signing up for your other Pro Tutorials as well.

Great instructor, great tutorial! This is a great pro tutorial, from all the webinars and tutorials I have seen online from retouchers, I feel this encompasses a broad range of techniques that can be put to use in beauty retouching, but for practically anything that requires skin retouching and retouching on people. The pro tutorial is presented in a nice pace with good quality video and voice, even at full screen everything is still readable. I had no issues whatsoever on compatibility and playback. THANKS!

Learned a lot! Very fluent and easy to understand. Learned so many things in a blink of an eye! Thank you for this inspiring tutorial! It’s worth every penny…

Finally was able to learn photoshop… I have been struggling to learn photoshop for a while. With this tutorial  I was finally able to know how to navigate, and effectively, use photoshop. Thank you Manni!

A great intro to Photoshop. Great tutorial and instructor, good tutorials and all the essentials are covered. The instructor is very thorough and organised, I specifically found High- End Beauty Retouching II very interesting. I highly recommend it.

Very easy to follow. Great tutorials, really easy to follow. I enjoyed this tutorial. Thank you very much. Well done!

Basics is the most important to start!! If you are new in photoshop or a little advanced this course will help you a lot to know important techniques that will help you to work like professionals & give a good start to your way.

Highly recommended!!! I knew nothing about photoshop and I am improving quite fast thanks to your pro tutorials.

Next Level !! Everyone has a different use of techniques. Manfred does a great job in telling you what he is doing and why he is doing it. I would recommend Manfred’s Pro Tutorials to take your knowledge to the next level.

Awesome keep these excellent tutorials coming!. Some of the best out there!

Learning basics of things is always boring. But this course was not tiring or boring at all. It was fast and comprehensive. Thank you Manni.