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Photography Light Setup – Light Talk #21

About this week’s episode

In this week’s episode, Manni will discuss a Two Light setup. In this setup, we’re discussing a light setup for an advertisement campaign we shot for Lexus. It’s important to note that the final image you see is not out of Camera. It’s a result of combining many different layers in Photoshop. It’s two different exposures shot separately.

For shooting the car we used two different light modifiers, namely a strip softbox and a 82″ silver inline umbrella. Both were set to medium power on the Elinchrom Strobes. The umbrella was mainly used to get several reflections on the body of the car. The strip softbox was used to highlight the darker spots with several different exposures. The strip softbox was used to create harder reflections.

The Poly boards behind the vehicle were not used as light modifiers. They were placed there strategically to make it easier to cut out the Lexus and place it on the different background. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have a white wall in your studio,

Here’s a summary of the lights and modifiers we used:

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