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Two Light Setup #18

In this week’s episode

In this Light Talk Manni will be discussing a Two Light Setup. The subject and the background were shot at separate occasions. We shot a service station, positioning the camera on a tripod and by taking several different exposures in order to get all the details from both the light and the dark parts.

The Portrait was shot in the CEO’s office. We shot him on a grey background to make it easier to cut him out. We used an 82″ silver-inlined umbrella for the front shot and a strip softbox with grid to create a mild rim light on the subject. The grid is there to avoid too much spill.

A very important aspect to take into consideration is making sure the light blends in such a way that the image appears authentic. The use of the rim light was to create the glow that would otherwise appear naturally on a subject were he shot on location in front of the sign.

For those who are unfamiliar with the pen tool have a look at the following tutorial:

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