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How To Create A Colour Pop In Photoshop

About this week’s episode:

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This tutorial is all about creating a colour pop in Photoshop. This image has already been retouched. That includes skin retouching, cropping, dodging and burning, etc. We start off by adding more contrast and highlights with a Curves Adjustment Layer. We then tweak the colours with A Hue and Saturation Adjustment Layer in the Master Tones. Next, we’ll flatten our blacks with a Selective Colour Adjustment Layer and only work in the black tones. We’ll then play around with a Levels Adjustment layers to add some contrast and highlights.

We’ll then add another Selective Colour Adjustment Layer and play around in the Red, Magentas and Neutral colour tones. We’ll move around between the different tones. This would involve playing around with the sliders to get the right effect. We’ll also go back in the Black Colour Tones to flatten the blacks a bit.

For our final adjustment, we add another Levels Adjustment Layer to add a bit of contrast and highlights.

Adjust Layers Used:

  • Hue and Saturation
  • Curves Adjustment Layer
  • Selective Colour
  • Levels Adjustment Layer

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