Q&A – Beauty Retouching

About this week’s episode:

In this weeks question & answer episode, we’re answering your questions on fashion & beauty Retouching. All answers are based on our own opinions, these might not be the best answers or even the answers you have been looking for! We have not answered all questions in 5min long segments, rather short and to the point! In next weeks episode we’re answering all your questions on how to get going in the industry after college!

In our question & answer / advice episodes we answer all your question or give advice on photography and retouching. Starting out from how to grow your photography business, getting better at retouching, or even gaining more knowledge about the industry. If you like to see more of these episodes head over to our creative cave on our website at and find all the latest episodes including some bonus material!

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Pro Tutorial Objectives


  • Advanced Skin Retouching
  • Removing Fine Skin Hairs
  • Retouching Details
  • Color & Sharpening
  • Advanced Dodge & Burn
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