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Magenta Forest


Pro Action Objectives 

  • Two Full Action Scripts
  • Commercial Use Allowed
  • Video Instructions Included
  • CS4, CS5, C6, CC Compatible
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Product Overview

Our Magenta Forest action script is filled with two different action presets. These you can easily add to your images via running the action script in photoshop! We’ve also added a quick tutorial down below to give you quick heads-up on how to work and record your own actions!



* Royalty Free *

We’ve also made this a royalty free action. This means once you have purchased the package you may use it  for any practice, personal or commercial work!

About This Tutorial

Working with action scripts shouldn’t be seen as to hard! In the tutorial above, we will show you how to record and work with your own action scripts. Still not sure what a photoshop actions is? Then click the button below in order to read more about photoshop actions and this one in particular!

What Are Photoshop Actions

  • Are a series of recorded retouching steps to help another retoucher / photographer achieve a look without having to manually apply each process.
  • Allow retouchers and photographers, at the click of a button, to enhance and enrich their images in a fast and efficient way.
  • Are shortcuts for retouching. They speed up editing and workflow by an automated processes which are applied by a single click of a button.
  • Gives the retoucher, complete control over the applied steps. Which allows him to readjustments or fine-tune all afterwards.

About This Photoshop Action

  • Our Magenta forest action script is made up of four unique adjustment layers. (As you can see down below)
  • All individual steps are changeable and readjustable once you have run the action script. (This means that you have full control over the finale color grade)
  • Our Photoshop Action package includes an extra installation guide, on how to install and use this photoshop action.
  • Our Photoshop Action is compatible with the following photoshop versions, CS3,CS4,CS5,CS6 & CC.
  • Our Photoshop Action is completely royalty free! (As mentioned above!)

Magenta Forest Action Examples

  • Down below you will find some before and after examples of our action script. (Use our image slider to see the before and after effect)




About This Tutorial

Sometimes the double click function on an action script does not work! So in this tutorial, Manni will teach you how to integrate your photoshop action files into photoshop! This is not a complicated process and can be done with any operating system!

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