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Pro Tutorial Objectives 


  • Simple Light Control
  • Replacing Details
  • Cleaning & Retouching Details
  • Color & Sharpening
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Product Overview

This AMG Details pro tutorial shows our complete workflow from start to finish. We will start out with the idea & complete shooting process. After that, we will cover 4 sections of retouching in Adobe Photoshop CS6. The main goal of the tutorial is to show and explain the entire process and techniques needed for retouching car details. Not only do we show and explain the techniques we also explain the thought process behind the techniques and why they are used or why not or when they are used.



Included in your Pro Tutorial – 4.5 Hours Step by Step guide

  • Section 1 – Photography & Light Setup
  • Section 2 – Preparations & Raw Conversions
  • Section 3 – Basic Clean-up & Light Control
  • Section 4 – Color Balance, Dodge & Burn & Sharpness
  • Section 5 – Final Adjustments & Corrections

Included working files

  • Raw File
  • PSD File


Photography & Light Setup 

In our first section, we’re going to discuss all thoughts behind this project. We will also go through a complete light diagram and talk briefly about all light modifiers.

2 - Light Setup


In this section, we will start out with the basic raw conversion. Taking our image from camera raw (Basic adjustments) into Photoshop. We will then apply a help layer and point & talk about all dirty (dust marks etc.) areas.


Basic Clean-up & Light Control

In our third section we will concentrate on our first clean-up (Cloning & Healing) Process. Once we have completed this task we’re going to concentrate on the light control. This means building and structuring the light better with curves adjustment layers.


Color Balance, Dodge & Burn & Sharpness

In our next retouching section, our aim is to create a new color shift. This is a very suttle and small color adjustment move. Now we will apply the dodge & burn technique in order to create a wow effect on top. (We have an awesome free tutorial on our free tutorials page for you on – The Best of 3 Dodge&Burn techniques) For our second last step we will concentrated on an overall image sharpness. For these processes we will again be using a variety of different techniques.

Color Balance


Dodge & Burn

In this section, we will be working with our famous Dodge & Burn technique (We have an excellent Free Tutorial on this technique – Find it here). This means creating two new unique layers, one for dodging the highlights and one for burning the shadows. This would effectively emphasise the light in the image!




Final Adjustments & Corrections

In the last section, we will be concentrating on our last 20%. Applying the final color grades, checking sharpness & contrast and correcting all outstanding points.


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5 reviews for AMG Details

  • Donovan Eva
    5 out of 5

    A must have for anyone wanting or doing automotive photography or editing car photos. So much insight and well explained.

  • Morris Roth
    5 out of 5

    Awesome Tutorial! Thanks for the tutorials and lessons on this website, enjoying them greatly.

  • Kelebogile Moholo
    5 out of 5

    I gained more knowledge here about editing detials on car photos than anywhere else, thanks!!

  • Andrea Retamal Fernandez
    5 out of 5

    I really recommend this course. Love it!

  • Chittjhn
    5 out of 5

    What make this tutorial so great is the way it is explained, and the fact that it shows you everything you need to know to get to the final resuly. It is also very very clear on what to do.

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