We’re a creative group of photographers & retouchers, here to teach you all the secrets about our photography & retouching! No egos, no limits! You can find more about us here.

We launched Retutpro in Jan 2014, but its roots originated in early 2009 when Manni started out with his first photography & retouching blog. In 2013, Manni moved over to Youtube and started a photography & retouching channel, which after time and many collaborations turned into a new venture  'Retutpro'. Fast forward to the present and Retutpro consists of Manni and a few other creative individuals, operating from a designated studio! And it keeps growing every day! xx

Professional Retouching Tutorials. But we don’t see it that tight! Our aim is to stay true and take you on an awesome journey while having fun.

Photoshop & Retouching Tools

We’ve always been working with Wacom Products. First board – Wacom intuos 4 and now Wacom intuos 5 Wireless.

Free Tutorials. We’ve created free Photoshop tutorials, which should help you get up to speed at no cost! View these tutorials on our free tutorial page and start learning right away with more then +50000 other students!

We are working with Macintosh (Apple) but Windows is perfectly fine as well.

Free Tutorials

Yes. Feel free to email us to tutorials@retutpro.com Submit your image with your idea if you would like us to work on it. Tutorial suggestions that will benefit the most people are the most likely to be chosen. x

Twitter & Facebook. You can ask @retutpro or on our Retutpro Facebook Page. We check these social media profiles more than anything.

Have you tried our search option under the free tutorial section? If yes, please do mail us your request to support@retutpro.com we’re happy to assist you with your search!

We try our best to produce about eight free tutorials a month. The rest of the time we spend creating interviews, behind the scenes and Pro tutorials. You can find them all in our Creative Cave .

Pro Tutorials

Everything. Once you have made the purchase and all has cleared, you will receive a download link which includes all the work files. These include the complete video material from the shooting & retouching side as well as the editing process from start to finish. (If the pro tutorial includes the photo shoot) Here is an example:

- All original source files "RAW"
- All original work files "PSD"
- All HD Video Lessons
- A Complete photography Lesson
- A Complete light setup Lesson
- All extra / bonus files. eg: Actions, Mesh, Filters, Brushes, Textures

This is what is so awesome about online training! You have downloaded the Pro Tutorial, which means you can access it at any time you want and you can learn at your own pace.

We create about two pro tutorials every month. You can sign up here to our newsletter and don’t miss a thing. We try our best to keep our subscribers spam free and informed about every new release.

Yes. We release many specials throughout the year and when a new pro tutorial has launched! To stay updated you can sign up for our newsletter here. (Our newsletter is a spam free zone!)

You have succesfully downloaded your product and now after extrating "unziping" the file it's complete empty.

- Solution WIN : If your on a windows operating system you will need 7zip to extrat all files.

- Solution MAC : If your on a mac operating system you will need no extra software to extrat all files.

Questions for the Team

Photojaco aka Jaco is a freelance photographer and personal assistant to Manni at the Retutpro Studio.

Trial & Error. He taught himself for the most part. But as most things in life, he was also seeking for help. His biggest mentor was Calvin Hollywood, who gave him a head start with the professional Photoshop world.

He first started playing around with Photoshop in the year of 2007, which at that time helped him to edit and enhance his digicam shoots! In 2008 he attended a photography college for a year and finished a basic photography course. The years of 2009, 2010 & 2011 he assisted a few photographers & retouchers. Since 2012 he’s a freelance photographer & retoucher and still learns every day!

We try our best to release about two interviews a month. These include photographers, retouchers, art directors, clients, make-up artist, assistants and many many more! You can find them all here in our creative cave!