You can with Photoshop.

At RETUTPRO, We believe in delivering quality, we believe in sharing and we believe in standing by professionalism. Our aim is to share our knowledge to help photographers grow in their understanding of photography and Photoshop. We do that in an environment that stimulates creativity, talent learning and ensures that the learning experience is fun and memorable with the latter in particular being synonymous with good photography.  Having been in existence since 2011, we at RETUTPRO are an online training platform, which offers free Photography & Photoshop content as well as professional retouching tutorials.

Our “Pro Products” are comprised of Photography lessons, Photoshop / Retouching lessons, Textures and Photoshop Action Packets.

Another aspect that played a vital part in who we are as an online business was deciding on a name. And Retutpro isn’t just a name. It is a brand, one that we are proud to be associated with. It was important for the name to stand out, and also to maintain the essence of what we do. It was a matter of reflecting on what it is that we do and what we’ll continue doing, and that’s how the name was born. Retutpro stands for ‘Professional Retouching Tutorials.’ Our tutorials are designed to cater for amateurs, intermediates and professionals. It caters for everyone who wants to learn photography and photoshop!

At RETUTPRO we are passionate about what we do, we love to share, and this philosophy is reflected in our slogan, “NO EGO, NO LIMITS.” Our team, which is based in Cape Town, South Africa, comprises of two creative individuals who are all dedicated to teaching and sharing our extensive knowledge in the field of photography and retouching. Our weekly episodes are led by Manni, our host.

Initially, we provided Photoshop training to people via workshops, then we expanded our services to YouTube and in so doing, we began sharing many free Photoshop tutorials.  Thus far for this year we have started an online platform that allows people to watch all our free content and to also buy pro tutorials with more in depth Photography & Photoshop retouching content!

Apart from our Pro Tutorials our clientele can access over one hundred and twenty (177) free Photoshop tutorials. A variety of photographer and retoucher interviews. They also have the opportunity to be behind the scenes, participate in our question days and learn from our monthly light talks. At RETUTPRO our Pro Tutorials include step by step instructions. We take pride in showing the complete photo shoot and the retouching process from the start to the very finish. To increase your skill, confidence & software knowledge in Photoshop and photography, join us today and enjoy the RETUTPRO experience where learning, sharing and having fun are all a part of the overall experience.

About Facts 

  • Over 177 Free Photoshop tutorials
  • Over 2,000,000 Views
  • Over 120000 Students over the last 2 years
  • Over 6000 Minutes of free content
  • Over 120,000 monthly views

Future Monthly episodes

  • Photoshop Tutorials
  • Photography Tutorials
  • Photographer Interviews
  • Retoucher Interviews
  • Pro Tutorials – Paid Product
  • Pro Textures – Paid Product
  • Pro Actions – Paid Product
  • Behind The Scenes Episodes
  • Light Talks Episodes
  • Equipment & Gear Review
  • Question & Answer Day
  • Photo Contest Day
  • Portfolio Reviews


Apart from our Pro Products our clientele can access over one hundred and twenty (177) free Photoshop tutorials.